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v8+crankshaft (available in recent canary builds) is ... fast. really fast.

try mark websters raytracer

on my machine, both @640x512px+aa:

chrome 9:  ~30 sec
chrome 11: ~16 sec
ff4b10:    ~47 sec

my own simulated annealing image whatever: this one was always a stronghold of firefox's tracing JIT, because the fitness function consisted of dumb looping over a huge array just summing up values and (i assume) the tracing approach worked very well here.

lower is better:

chrome 9:  ~50 ms/gen
chrome 11: ~17 ms/gen
ff4b10:    ~22 ms/gen

v8+crankshaft beats jm!

this is very, very nice. especially for long running apps - think what it will do for node.js!

disclaimer: no real, serious testing was done, just fooling around. but try it and see for yourself!

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